September is the month of prostate cancer awareness!


september is the month of prostate cancer awareness!


throughout the month of september, every thursday, urologist kakha barnovi will give free consultations to males from 50 at the central branch of todua clinic.


prostate or prostate gland cancer takes first place among the oncological diseases characteristic to the males. if prostate cancer is diagnosed in a timely manner, it is fully treatable. prostate cancer at the early stages does not have any symptoms, at the later stages, the symptoms are as follows:  


frequent urination or difficulty with urination 

 decreased urine flow

 blood in sperm

 discomfort in pelvis

 bone pain

 erectile dysfunction


 risk factors:


 genetic predisposition

 hormonal imbalance associated with aging 


yearly visits with a specialist and timely diagnostics is of vital importance in making a full recovery!