Frequently Asked Questions


Clinic working hours ?



Todua Clinic, working hours are every day except weekends from 09:00 to 17:00.



Where is your clinic located?



The address of our medical center is st. Tbilisi, Tevdore Mghvdli st. N13




Is pre-recording required for laboratory analysis?



Pre-registration for laboratory tests is not required.



How to get an appointment with a specialist? 



An appointment with a specialist is possible through the clinic hotline - 0322575757




Is it possible to receive the results of the analysis by e-mail?



Yes, it is possible. You can leave your email address while submitting the analysis.



Is private insurance valid?



Our medical center cooperates with all insurance companies.



Are you involved in a universal insurance program?



Todua Clinic patients have the opportunity to undergo planned surgeries under the state health program and receive medical services covered by the state program of universal health care



At what age are patients admitted to specialists?



Patients above 16 are admitted to specialists.



Is pre-recording required for computed tomography?



Pre-recording for Computed Tomography is not required.




How is recording done for magnetic- resonance imaging?


Pre-registration is possible on this number - 032 2 57 57 57