The Department of Medical Tourism

The Department of Medical Tourism serves both Georgian and foreign citizens so that they can receive the desired medical services without any problems.

The Department performs full logistics services, such as:

  • Planning and providing air and land travel;
  • Hotel accommodation (selected by the customer's request);
  • Transportation services;
  • Arrival at the airport or at the optional border and ensure domestic transportation.


The patient will be placed in a VIP area, where doctor’s consultation and nutrition service will be provided as well;

The patient will have a personal manager who will be available for 24/7.


The service includes:

  • Visit planning;
  • Ensuring the highest quality of service;
  • Bureaucratic coordination;
  • Production and preparation of the necessary documentation.

The patient will have the opportunity to use the services of an interpreter:

We offer patients translation of the documentation issued by the clinic and, if necessary, notarize it in the language of their choice.