The latest premium class ultrasound scanner



The state-of-the-art, premium ultrasound scan Aplio i-800 Prism is a powerful, expert level device with advanced package of image processing and calculation, through which both main and small calibration duplex scan is attained with special sensors and programs.

Incomparable speed and highest quality of an image ensures ideal rendering of the smallest of details.The system is incorporated with smart memory regime to memorize patient data, which lets a physician to compare previous scans to the current ones.

In addition to many advantages of the system, functions are especially noteworthy. For instance:


SMI (Superb Microvascular Imaging) – allows examination of the smallest blood vessels and provides highly detailed and clear images

I Beam technology provides ideal rendering throughout the whole depth of an image, with unprecedented clarity both for nearby, as well as remote fields 

Doppler Luminance – enhances blood circulation imaging and the images can be obtained in 3D effect

Ultra-Wide View – visual field enhanced by 40% maintaining highest quality.