October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month



A mural in Tbilisi, on Mitskevichi Street depicting a woman in a pink dress that welcomes the world with open arms tells us the story of every breast cancer survivor. She is free, victorious, each day is precious for her, her whole being is uplifted and aspires to new, interesting, and more importantly long-term adventures!


“No challenge is unworthy to face, especially when it concerns life. My goal is to support cancer patients and set them on the right track, to pass each stage of the journey together and persuade them in the fact that it is always worth to fight, I, myself, am the clear example of that!”– Sopio Chkadua.


The month of October is considered breast cancer awareness month internationally. We would like to once again remind the society of this with the street art: “discover quickly– this is your strength!” Yearly screening minimizes risk of cancer to the minimum and most importantly, justifies the words - cancer is not a sentence!