Department of Clinical Oncology

Head of the department - Tamar Rukhadze



The Department of Clinical Oncology provides high quality medical services to patients based on the latest achievements in medicine with its highly qualified medical staff and advanced technologies. The Department has been internationally recognized for its service focused on oncology patients since 2016 and is accredited by the European Association of Oncologists. It is also Clinical Oncology Training base of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and cooperates with more than 50 European, US and TSU partner university clinics and scientific-practical institutions.

The multidisciplinary team of the Department of Clinical Oncology  consists of highly qualified diagnosticians, clinical oncologists, morphologists, surgeons, radiologists, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, international experts in pain management and palliative care. The medical staff of the Department is in constant collaboration with international experts through teleconferences or discussions of various cases in face-to-face or online modes. In the Department of Clinical Oncology patients have the opportunity to undergo inpatient chemotherapy-immuno-hormone therapy, both as mono and in the form of polychemotherapy and in combination with radiation therapy.

Inpatient services provide the patients with treatment that is carried out under the constant supervision of highly qualified medical staff which significantly reduces the expected complications and helps to overcome the treatment of complex diseases. The patients receive specific treatment in a number of difficult cases.

Inpatients are treated with high quality treatment in accordance with international standards and the latest clinical recommendations and protocols.

Only at F. Todua Medical Center it is possible for patients to undergo adjuvant-maintenance therapy in addition to targeted therapy and undergo post-chemotherapy or radiotherapy further rehabilitation, pain management and symptomatic therapy. The latest diagnostic-laboratory and instrumental studies available at the medical center allow a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals to dynamically assess the condition of patients. The department conducts a weekly consultation-concilium assessing the condition of patients with the participation of various professionals.