Department of Angiology and Vascular Surgery

Head of the department - Giorgi Deisadze


Vascular pathologies are one of the  main causes of disability of working age people and, in extreme cases, even  the cause of the death.

Venous insufficiency, so-called varicose veins disease, is most well-known vascular pathology. It is quite common in Georgia and is mostly found in women, although men are not  safe against it either.



Its symptoms are:

  • Feeling of chronic heaviness in legs;
  • Numbness and swelling mainly in the evenings.

Unfortunately, patients do not consult a doctor during the very first complaints. Although the disease progresses very slowly, it can become very dangerous if left untreated.

The greatest danger posed by vascular pathologies is an aneurysm, which usually manifests itself suddenly and the response to it is  late, that is why it is also called “the silent bomb".

In the Department of Vascular Surgery of Todua Medical Center are carried out operations of all complexity, including less invasive procedures done by a team of professional physicians in state-of-the-art hybrid operating room with the equipment of the latest generation.

Laser ablation is performed with the latest German device - "Biolitech Leonardo". This procedure is less invasive. The patient leaves the clinic on foot within 2 hours of the procedure.

Symptoms of vascular disease include:

  • Pain in the lower extremities;
  • Easily tired, transient lameness after 50-100 meters;
  • Swelling / cooling of the limbs;
  • Feeling of heaviness / burning;
  • Genetically loaded anamnesis;
  • Type of diabetes;
  • Tobacco addiction.


Treatment of venous and arterial pathologies is especially effective if the disease is detected at an early stage. Therefore, timely visit to the doctor and treatment is necessary at the first sign of symptoms.