Laboratory of Molecular Diagnosis and Oncogenetics

Head of the department - Dodo Agladze


A high-tech Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics operates on the base of the Department of Oncology Genetics of Todua Medical Center. The laboratory is equipped with Thermofisher Scientific 3500 Genetic Analyzer Singer Sequenator, 7500 RT-PCR System Analyzer from the same manufacturer and SympliAmp Thermal Cycler Thermocycle. The Laboratory of Oncology Genetics performs molecular diagnostic tests of various complexity using the above-mentioned equipment that allows to work on human genetic material, namely DNA and decipher its nucleotide sequence.

Genetic mutations are detected using various methods. The Department of Oncology Genetics uses 2 different groups of testing. In the first case, the analysis is performed directly on the genetic material of cancer cells to assess the presence of mutations in specific genes. These help oncologists and chemotherapists to determine the need of usage of targeted drugs and to define different treatment schemes.

The second group includes detection of hereditary cancer syndrome in oncology patients. Examination is also conducted in the first-degree relatives of these patients to determine their hereditary predisposition to various nosologies, such as breast, intestine, stomach cancer, etc. This test can be performed by detecting mutations in a gene that causes various diseases that can lead to the development of inherited cancer at an early age. This allows to prevent a similar problem in first-degree relatives of patients.

The lab is also investigating predisposition to thrombosis, which is important for patients with cardiovascular disease. Testing is also important for planning a pregnancy because defect in the genes can lead to termination of pregnancy.