The latest generation of 4G -technology based on 3T tomograph is equipped with complete technology packages and the latest research modes. This device is characterized by accurate imaging and fast visualization.

It is best for the detection of neurological, orthopedic, cardiological, whole body, pediatric, angiographic, oncological and gynecological diseases. Compared to other MRI scans, the image is improved by 50%. The device is equipped with 4G modes of perfusion and diffusion. MAGNETOM SKYRA also is very efficient for spectroscopic and tractographic studies of the brain. Special software - Liver Lab gives a more detailed study of liver structures without contrast and thus this or that pathological process is determined. This device is distinguished by special pediatric software. MAGNETOM SKYRA-is less noisy tomograph.  Noise is reduced by 70%. The wide and short tunnel of the apparatus is very comfortable for patients with heavy weight and claustrophobia