PET GE Discovery IQ

The latest generation 5-ring positron emission tomography (PET / CT) Discovery IQ - a new version of the whole-body PET / CT system, which includes clinically significant innovations that serve to expand and update the capabilities of diagnostic imaging.

A state-of-the-art Lightburst detector is two times sensitive to F18 isotope than other products on the market.

The 5-ring configuration of the detectors allows to cover a 26 cm axial field of view in one position, which is the largest in the existing technologies and significantly reduces the examination time.

VUE Point HD-3 - dimensional reconstruction technology provides resolution enhancement by modeling detector geometry.

ASiR - Adapted statistical iterative reconstruction reduces the dose of radiation load received by different organs.

An important component of the device is Q-clear - a reconstruction system that improves the image, reduces the signal / noise ratio, increases the contrast of the image.