Siemens Artis ZEE

Artis Zee is distinguished with a multi-axis C-arm that uses robotic technology to enhance imaging capabilities.

The device has unlimited C-arm positioning capabilities. The system uses the results obtained from high-quality cross-sectional visualization. This sets it apart from other traditional C-arm systems. Artis zee's design provides high quality imaging such as a large-volume syngo DynaCT scan allowing the physician to see the entire abdominal cavity or the entire liver for chemoembolization and biopsy. The system also efficient for neuro-interventional exams with extended views of the skull, neck and spine. The Artis zee system is equipped with enhanced 3D imaging applicationsamong them:  Syngo iPilot, that enables catheter navigation through 3D road- mapping that superimposes 3D reconstructions onto live 2D fluoroscopy images or digital substructural angiography. The application provides real-time updates of C-arm and table movements, as well as zoom source to image distance (SID) changes.