Sysmex UF-4000 UC-3500 UD-10

UF - 4000 UC-3500 UD-10 UF-4000 Based on Sysmex's world-renowned fluorescent flow cytometry (FFC), is the latest technology in urine analysis. It can be used as an independent analyzer; however at  Fridon  Todua Medical Center it  is presented as a fully automated modular system of the UN series, providing a complete process from sample delivery to the final digital image of the urine particles. The easy-to-use U-WAM program offers the lab an extensive database for storing up to 100,000 surveys and image recordings. Sample analysis takes less than one-minute. UF-4000 can process 80 samples per hour, reduces bacterial antibiotic resistance and load by quantitative and highly sensitive bacterial analysis.

The analyzer offers a function of RBC morphology, which is a highly useful parameter for diagnosing kidney disease. Go from urine analysis to Body Fluids analysis mode without any problems. This mode analyzes up to 20 samples per hour. It is integrated with UC-3500 Chemistry Analyzer and UD-10 Urine Particle Digital Imaging Device.