The region's first Dual Source computed tomography Somatom Force is the fastest device in the world, featuring high image quality and minimized radiation dose!

Somatom Force- The latest generation of computed tomography, which is especially important in the diagnosis of cardiological and oncological diseases. The artificial intelligence tomograph is equipped with instant and automatic information processing functions and special syngo via software.


Somatom Force - allows contrast examination of the abdomen in 6 seconds using an ultra-low 4.8 mGy cm radiation dose!


Through artificial intelligence, in addition to anatomical changes, functional systems and quantitative analysis of this or that organ is performed:


An ultra-low dose of radiation (230.9 mGy cm) is used during a non-invasive coronary artery evaluation study and the procedure takes 10 seconds! The exam assesses the degree of coronary artery stenosis, quantifies the analysis of calcium accumulation in the blood vessel walls (Ca scoring), and examines perfusion with iodine redistribution in the myocardium.


Its application significantly reduces the use of contrast agents, which is especially important for patients with a number of chronic diseases