Why is it important to make an accurate diagnosis


accurate diagnostic in Tbilisi, Georgia

Accurate diagnosis is one of the decisive factors for successful treatment. It is the first link on which the entire chain of the subsequent treatment should be built, and it largely depends on how well the process will further proceed. Therefore, a comprehensive examination of the patient's health condition and making an accurate diagnosis should be the primary task of the specialist.


Since its establishment, Todua Clinic has been concerned with making medical technology innovations available in Georgia and equipping the facility with all the means that will make it easier for doctors to perform a detailed examination of the patient and make an accurate diagnosis. This remains one of the main priorities of the clinic.


Below I will introduce you to the basic list of diagnostic possibilities and research that you are offered at the Todua clinic.


The ultra-modern technological base for full-fledged instrumental investigations


One of the leading trends of Todua Clinic is radiology, which is developing especially fast and, in this respect, our clinic is in line with the world’s leading medical institutions. Indeed, in the clinic, it is possible to conduct many such radiological examinations, for which patients earlier had to travel abroad.


Computed Tomography at Todua Clinic is one of the most requested radiological examinations. It is completed with 6 devices of the latest generation. These are: Somatom Force, Somatom go.Top, Somatom Definition Edge and Somatom Definition Edge Plus. The devices have high image quality and innovative software, which makes a detailed examination of many pathologies possible.


It is worth noting that the Todua clinic was the first to introduce the trend of computed tomography in the region for the first time in 1991. Today, the department is headed by Giorgi Tsivtsivadze, one of the most experienced and qualified radiologists in Georgia. The famous radiologist Badri Sharikadze also works in the Todua clinic


Magnetic Resonance Imaging is also performed at the Todua clinic with the latest generation equipment. The facility is equipped with 7 Siemens magnetic resonance imaging machines. Their innovative features allow for the assessment of both structural and functional changes, and have high-quality imaging and complete software (neurologic, angiographic, cardiologic, oncologic, orthopedic, abdominal and pelvic, pediatric). In addition, the equipment in the clinic has wide and short tunnels and special Mood Light lighting, which makes taking an MRI a less unpleasant procedure for claustrophobic patients. If necessary, the examination can be conducted under sedation.


Ultrasound diagnostics is another advantage of the Todua Clinic. The department is equipped with Canon premium-class devices that provide the cleanest possible image and visualize even the smallest details.


It should be noted that during all the radiological examinations listed above, patient exposure is minimized, which is another important feature of the latest-generation devices.


The Endoscopic Department of the Todua clinic is also equipped with the latest generation OLYMPUS endoscopy device - Evis X1. It provides a high-quality resolution image and makes it possible to examine pathologies in detail. In addition, Evis X1 has an improved ultrasound function, through which during the endoscopic procedure, the doctor can conduct an ultrasound examination and get additional information about this or that area. The device is considered the gold standard in the diagnosis of precancerous diseases and cancerous formations.


Many other non-invasive and invasive instrumental examinations are carried out at the Todua clinic, which ensures a thorough examination of the patient's health problem and an accurate diagnosis.


High-tech laboratory for any type of research


Laboratory tests are very important for assessing the patient's general state of health, detecting a number of diseases, and studying any pathology in detail. Therefore, high-quality performance of laboratory tests is often crucial for making a correct diagnosis.


Todua Clinic has high-tech laboratories for various purposes, including a Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory and a Pathomorphological Diagnostics Laboratory. Each of them is equipped with the latest-generation equipment, which ensures the performance of fast and high-quality analysis.


The laboratory tests performed at the Todua clinic are diverse, so we will limit ourselves to listing their general groups. They include hematological examinations (general blood test), general clinical (testing various biological fluids, such as urine, etc.), coagulative, biochemical, immunological, microbiological, virological, cytological, and molecular-genetic examinations.


It should be noted that both internal and external quality control system operates in the laboratories of Todua Clinic. For internal quality control, special solutions are used, which are placed in the analyzer before any particular examination and confirm the functionality of the equipment. The external quality control of the laboratory in the Todua Clinic is ensured by two international systems - RIQAS (Great Britain) and ESfEQA (Germany). It is with the help of such quality control and modern technologies that Todua Clinic always manages to be in line with international standards.


However, remember that no matter how advanced the diagnostic tools are and no matter how accurately the diagnosis is done, timely treatment is often crucial. In modern medicine, Check Up is even more important - a preventive medical examination, which not only makes it possible to detect the early stage of the disease but also provides identification of potential problems and their timely prevention.


Therefore, start taking care of your health on time. If necessary, leave accurate diagnostics and successful treatment up to Todua Clinic.